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What happens now? 

Step 1

We will be in touch with your log in details so that you can log in to your training course. The link is generally with you in as little as ten minutes during the day but may take several hours if you’ve signed up at night. Once you receive your link then sign up as a new user and create your password. To log in, you will need the same email address that you signed up with and your password. You will then have access to module group 1 – 30, and you will also receive links to your self-testing (Assessment format) modules 1-10 and 11-20.  Please note that this is not your actual written assessment. it is merely a way of tracking your progress.  In simple terms, if you get into the pass range consistently on the assessment format modules, then you should have no problems with the written tests on the assessment day. BUT PLEASE DONT BECOME COMPLACENT as the questions on the day are completely random.

Step 2

You work through the modules at your own pace. You can use the video lectures, PDF’s and other training material provided to gain the knowledge you need, and then test your understanding by using the self-testing facilities that accompany each module. When you have completed the module group, then you will be provided a link to the ‘Assessment Version’ of those modules to test which will simulate the format that you will get on your assessment day.

Step 3
When you have completed all three module groups, just let us know and we will then  provide you with dates and locations where you can attend your one-day assessment, with an external assessor.  During the assessment day you will complete the written multi-choice questions, the visual test, the safety walk and the shooting assessment. 

After your assessment is complete, this isn’t the end of the road with us.

Check out the other Online courses that you may like to enrol on.

To add value to you, we have made it possible for you to become a member of the Jelen PWS Affiliate Group.

The Affiliate Group is where you will have access to a fantastic resource that will help you further your knowledge, increase your opportunities, and build on the skills and expertise that you have already gained as one of our valued trainees.

Having recently attended a course with Jelen PWS, I should like to thank Mike Allison and his team for a really enjoyable and informative course. A very professional yet relaxed tone was set from the outset, and this ensured candidates were able to give of their best during the assessments in a great environment – and certainly left us wanting to learn even more on the follow up courses Jelen PWS can provide

Lloyd T.

Jelen wildlife training

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