Professional Training
Online and In-Person

Excellence in Deer Stalker and Wildlife Management training

Professional training





Online Training Courses include: 

  • Introduction to Deer Stalking
  • Firearms Awareness
  • DSC1
  • Humane Animal Dispatch
  • Urban Deer Control & Management
  • Advanced Deer Management
  • Deer Impact & Damage Assessment
  • Deer Diseases & Health Management

In-Person Training Courses include:

  • Introduction to Firearms
  • Introduction to Deer Stalking
  • DSC1 Training & Assessment
  • DSC2 Initiative
  • Marksmanship
  • Humane Animal Despatch
  • Urban Deer Control & Management
  • And many more

Other main areas of engagement are:

Conservation Grade Deer Management

Park and Farmed Deer Consultancy


Live Animal Capture

How to achieve effective deer control on your estate in 7 simple steps

Mike and the team at Jelen provide a professional and relaxed environment that truly enhances the learning experience. I went in with a decent amount of background knowledge and came away with a wealth more information. I’d definitely recommend to anyone considering anything to do with deer and wildlife in the UK.


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