Pre PDS1 Training

Excellence in Deer Stalker training and Wildlife Management

Pre PDS1 Training

If you are interested in getting into deer stalking as a sport or profession, this course will provide you with a unique insight into what it involves. As one of the UK’s most experienced professional deer management companies, Jelen PWS have over 44 years of professional experience from which you can benefit from. 

Your course will not only provide you with a program of training subjects to teach you the basic facts about deer stalking, but will also include some practical, field-based lessons in rifle shooting and culminating in an exciting trip out stalking with a professional deer manager.

The course includes a tailored program just for you that includes the following:


  • Natural history and identification of the six UK species
  • Getting the best from your rifle, scope and equipment
  • Shooting from prone, sitting/kneeling and standing positions
  • Additional learning material designed to aid understanding of the PDS1
  • Deer park visit to consolidate deer ID instruction



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