Proficient Deer Stalker Level 1 Course (PDS1)

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Proficient Deer Stalker Level 1

Accredited by the UK’s leading land-based awarding bodies, LANTRA and UK Rural Skills (UKRS), the excellent ‘Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate Level 1’ (PDS1) is a deer stalking qualification that enables beginners to build essential skills and achieve ‘Trained Hunter’ status.

The completion of the theory element of the course is achieved via the ‘UK Shooting & Hunting Academy’, an easy-to-use, e-learning platform, that allows candidates to complete the theory element of the course online at a time and place that suits, without the need for travel.

Upon completion of the theory element of the course, candidates are able to complete the practical shooting and safety element of the course through Jelen PWS, a company that has a solid foundation of over four decades in the profession, spanning all aspects of wild, park and farmed deer management.

A unique feature of the PDS1 course is that candidates may also complete a ‘Large Game Meat Hygiene Course’ at no additional cost via the Shooting & Hunting Academy’.

The PDS1 Course Syllabus includes:

  • Module 1: Understanding the need to manage deer
  • Module 2: Firearms safety & rifle components
  • Module 3: Where to place your bullet & variants of shot placement
  • Module 4: Zeroing and point-blank range
  • Module 5: Marksmanship
  • Module 6: After the shot
  • Module 7: Carcass extraction, handling & inspection
  • Module 8: Deer identification
  • Module 9: UK Legislation
  • Module 10: Deer Stalking in Scotland
  • Module 11: Buying your equipment and getting out deer stalking
  • Where to go from here?
  • Final Exam

The Large Game Meat Hygiene Course (included in the price)


  • Module 1: Hygiene rules and proper techniques for the handling, evisceration, extraction, and transportation of wild game animals after shooting.
  • Module 2: Identifying Normal & Abnormal anatomy, physiology, and behaviour of wild game.
  • Module 3. Pathological changes in wild game due to disease environmental contamination and other factors.
  • Module 4: Legislation and administrative provisions on animal and public health, and hygiene conditions governing the placing of wild game on the market.
  • Final Exam

PDS1 training is available to candidates throughout the year.



    (Including a Large Game Meat Hygiene Course)

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    (via the UK Shooting & Hunting Academy)

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     Throughout the year


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