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The UK Deer Farming industry is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of the European deer farming communities. From the established Western European commercial deer farms and sporting estates, to the fast-emerging deer farming businesses in Eastern Europe and Russia, the UK is a valuable source of information, breeding stock and commercial experience.

The demand is primarily being driven by an increasing appetite for high quality, healthy food in the shape of home-produced venison. The increasing consumer awareness of the food we are consuming is driving changes in both diet and buying patterns.

Following the World Health Organisation report in 2014, worldwide red meat consumption is on the decline. However, in contrast the global sales of venison is increasing exponentially.

To take advantage of these new opportunities, deer producers and processors must become experts at managing the variables influenced by weather, fluctuation in prices versus production system efficiency. Deer Farmers must be in a position to respond to dynamic influences such as animal welfare issues, climate variation, biodiversity and sustainable farming practices.

As one of the UK’s leading Deer Farming Consultancy businesses – dealing specifically with deer farm and park management, Jelen PWS are central to providing UK and European Deer Farmers with some of the finest services available – derived from almost 4 decades in the business.

Jelen PWS has extensive experience that will assist you – whether you run a small to medium domestic deer enterprise, to the larger International businesses requiring specialist Deer Consultancy.

Jelen PWS understand the regional, national and international influences that impact the global deer industry, and have a proven track record across the wild, park and farmed deer sectors.

Providing our specialist brand of Agricultural Consultancy will help you to maximise production capability from your deer herd.

No other Deer Consultancy business in the UK can take you from concept to commission from one single source. It is how Jelen PWS have built a successful business, and we can help you do the same.

If you are looking to produce the finest deer in the most environmentally responsible manner then speak to our Agricultural Consultant today and find out how we can help you.

Jelen PWS have a technical services team to handle soil sampling & reporting, forage nutritional analysis, livestock assessment and data collection using the worlds most advanced livestock management systems.

Understanding the complexities of modern deer production in all its spheres, the Jelen PWS team approach provides the finest range of services to help you to:

  • Achieve maximum yields from all your grass-producing areas
  • Apply the most cost-effective and efficient farming system for your enterprise
  • Gain maximum output from the size of your business
  • Use the most advanced technologies to gather critical data about your stock
  • Jelen PWS can advise you on many of the on-farm tasks that can be burden to some farming operations.

Some of the services that may help you are:

  • Soil science and plant analysis services
  • Fertiliser recommendations
  • Semen and embryo technology
  • Veterinary and laboratory services
  • Custom livestock management systems

Contact Jelen PWS TODAY to find out how our business can help your business.

Other main areas of engagement are:

Conservation Grade Deer Management


Professional Training


Live Animal Capture

How to achieve effective deer control on your estate in 7 simple steps

“ I am very grateful to Mike and his team for their professionalism in the creation and ongoing management of the deer park since its inception in 2012. The design of the park, quality of the materials used combined with the high standards of construction have paid dividends over the years in terms of nil maintenance. This is quite apart from the selection of the highest quality red and fallow deer with excellent temperaments enabling family and friends to obtain considerable enjoyment from the park. In addition, Mike’s management of the wild deer outside the park has made a significant improvement to the health of woodland, flora and fauna.”

Sir Frederick

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