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Excellence in Deer Stalker and Wildlife Management training

Professional online training courses

Deer Stalker & Firearms Training

Designed for the individual, this family of courses will take you from complete beginner, through intermediate training up to a professional level that has allowed selected graduates to join the Jelen team.

DSC1 Online

For those looking to gain up-front training in a format that suits you, to give you a seamless transition to your DSC1 training.

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firearms awareness

Introduction to Firearms

A starter course that teaches all you need to know about the safe and effective use of Air rifles, Shotguns and Hunting Rifles.

Introduction to Deer Stalking

Learn about deer stalking from professionals. A 1-day course to inspire you to become a great deer stalker.

Deer & Wildlife Management Training 

This family of courses is designed for the professional operator who needs to gain specific vital skills and experience to manage and advise on deer estates, handle wildlife who may have escaped, been injured and who need to be dispatched ethically/humanely in co-operation with local police forces in the UK.

Humane Animal Dispatch

Become a qualified HAD operator to the standard above and beyond that required by Police Constabularies.

Urban Deer Control & Management

Meeting your needs to enable you to take a professional approach to managing deer in the urban environment.

Advanced Deer Management

 Designed to enable you to formulate and deliver professionally-based management strategies, so you can advise landowners on the control of wild deer.

Deer Impact & Damage Assessment

Deer Diseases & Health Management

Other main areas of engagement are:

Conservation Grade Deer Management

Park and Farmed Deer Consultancy


Live Animal Capture

How to achieve effective deer control on your estate in 7 simple steps

Mike and the team at Jelen provide a professional and relaxed environment that truly enhances the learning experience. I went in with a decent amount of background knowledge and came away with a wealth more information. I’d definitely recommend to anyone considering anything to do with deer and wildlife in the UK.


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