How to Achieve Effective Deer Control on Your Estate in 7 Simple Steps

Written by Mike Allison
on September 20, 2019

It is a documented fact that wild deer in the UK are out of control in many areas.

Achieving effective deer control

Whilst there are undoubtedly many estates where deer are controlled to the highest standards, there are many more that are now suffering negative impacts through failed control strategies.

The real problems can be overlooked, and in many cases are closer than you think, especially where there are other agendas at play.

Jelen PWS can work with you to identify exactly what the problem is, and what we as an alliance can do about it.

1. Identify the REAL problems

Your first step should be to call Jelen PWS to carry out an initial review of your estate, woodlands, deer park or farm to establish what is wrong and to advise you of what options exist to help you address the problems you currently face. Jelen PWS helps you by using the lessons learned in almost four decades in the business to bring about a cost-effective solution to help you regain
control of the issue.

2. Consider your available options

ALL problems can be solved! … You just need to know-how. But you also need to be aware that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

By understanding why effective deer control isn’t happening, you will be in a good position to consider the various options that will work for you. Jelen PWS can work with you to help choose an option that suits you, one that delivers effective results, that doesn’t cost the earth and keeps you with a firm grip on what’s happening out there in the woods.

3. Start the crucial change NOW

There is an old saying that goes, ‘When the horse you are riding is dead, it is time to change to a different horse’! That obviously makes perfect sense to you. However, it is surprising that many landowners will continue to support an ineffective control model, or try and contain the cost simply though their reluctance to change. We completely understand this, which is why Jelen PWS are there to help you every step of the way from the preparations for a new approach, to delivering the measurable effects of change.

  4. Stay in CONTROL at all times

It is vital that you are in a position to know exactly what is happening on a week to week, month to month and year to year basis.

But few landowners have the time or inclination to keep track of effective deer management or maintain financial control of what is a dynamic process. We will help you to keep total control of these important elements by developing a robust management strategy that is both documented in detailed reports direct to you, and totally transparent at all levels.

5. MEASURE effectiveness

Whatever control option you choose, it is vital that it’s effectiveness can assessed and measured through a standardised method so that you can visually see improvements as they occur. Jelen PWS have pioneered a dedicated state-of-the-art impact assessment and risk management solution that is both measurable and reportable. As a customer, you will benefit directly from this facility so that measured results are based on fact, and not subject to individual interpretation.

6. Improve Estate INCOMES

If you are reading this, then you probably fully
understand what wild deer are currently costing you. Jelen PWS can make a real difference to you by utilising the specialist skills and time-acquired knowledge from almost 4 decades in the business of helping people just like you. We will transform for you, what may currently be an economic liability, into a profitable, self-supporting model that not only generates additional income but increases crop and forest yields.

7.Maintain VISION through trust

In any partnership, there is no substitute for the security of trust – an element that runs through the very core of any two-way relationship. At Jelen PWS we are looking to develop a solid working relationship that gives you the assurance that the arrangement can be terminated at any moment if you feel we are not delivering good value to you. This is how sure we are that our working with you will evolve into a strong partnership with no risk to you.

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Mike Allison

Mike Allison

Founder and CEO

Over 40 years ago, Mike Allison Set out to raise the standards of deer control, management and husbandry in the UK.

To this day, his determination to continue this process has been unwavering.

Jelen PWS (Jelen Premier Wildlife Services) has become synonymous with the very best services in the wild, park and farmed deer sectors.

Mike’s commitment to the modern UK deer industry across all its sectors is evident through his conservation-led approach to delivering humane, ethical and sustainable deer control.

His rejection of the widespread mediocrity that typically surrounds wild deer management, and his refusal to accept unethical, inhumane and indiscriminate control techniques sets a standard within the industry.

Mike is married with 3 kids and loves them almost as much as his dog and his guitar!

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