Enhanced Night Shooting with Sensors

A truly holistic experience with the UK's leading deer management professionals, and in the most friendly, relaxed and informative atmosphere

Enhanced Night Shooting with Sensors

Shooting legally and safely at night with sensor technologies requires an enhanced set of skills which many do not fully appreciate.

Jelen PWS now brings a unique training course to you introducing the special skill-set required to shoot full-bore rifles safely at night.  This course will emphasise the pros and cons when deploying the latest Electro-Optical (EO – Night Vision), Infra-Red (IR) and Thermal Imaging (TI) technologies.  The 1-day course will provide a working day’s in-class training understanding the disciplines of night shooting and then a late-night evenings shooting with sensors on Section 7 land in the company of an expert shoot team. 

There will  be practical assessments on the range, including daytime and night-time shooting.  A venison BBQ will be provided between the afternoon and evening sessions.

Who is it for:

Enhanced Night Shooting with Sensors is very intensive and demanding so is designed for experienced deerstalkers, wildlife managers and vermin controllers with a minimum of DSC1 Certification.

The course content includes:

  • Legislation relating to shooting at night
  • The Public & Police at night – legal influences
  • How to safely handle firearms in the dark
  • Shooting from stationary vehicles, high-seats and ground
  • Setting up your rifle for EO, IR and TI
  • Maintaining your EO, IR, TI Sensors
  • Manual & Electronic Distance Ranging at night
  • Health & Safety considerations
  • How to conduct night relevant Risk Assessments

 LANTRA is one of the leading awarding bodies for land-based industries in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  Lantra is accredited by the British Standards Institution (BSI) for ISO 9001:2015 and ISMS 27001:2013 for Skills+.  It is also recognised by Ofqual, SQA, and Qualification Wales.



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Delegates must have DSC1 minimum and FAC


Eligibility for the course

Anyone can take this course

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