Venison Butchery & Processing 

A truly holistic experience with the UK's leading deer management professionals, and in the most friendly, relaxed and informative atmosphere

Venison Skinning, Butchery & Processing Course

If we are prepared to take an animal’s life, then we have a moral duty to make the best possible use of that animal, maximising the production of quality cuts whilst minimising meat wastage at every level. In this context, butchering a deer should be done with these aims in mind.

The demand for quality on-going training in carcass management and butchery, with preparing and cooking being added to the course makes this one of the most useful training experiences you can have.  Jelen PWS has responded to your needs by designing a Venison Butchery Course that surpasses all other training courses of its kind. We think we’ve succeeded.  This course is specifically developed for both amateur and professional deer stalkers alike.

During this 100% practical hands-on course we will address and overcome the major concerns and questions faced when skinning and butchering a deer carcass, as well as preparing the product for cooking.

Attendees will be guided in detail through the butchery process, ensuring they achieve the best possible meat retention rate. They will get the opportunity to work on their own carcass under professional guidance of the senior JelenPWS team.

Course Syllabus:

Within this one-day course attendees will learn*:

  • Knife Selection & Sharpening
  • Additional Equipment
  • The Art of Skinning
  • Breaking Down the Carcass into Primal Joints
  • The Various Cuts of Venison
  • Jointing & Bone Removal
  • The Removal of Damaged Meat
  • Vacuum Packing

Within our supervised environment attendees will also have the opportunity to carry out deer butchery and understand and practice knife selection and purpose, utilising the recommended butchery knife set.

This comprehensive course is limited to just 4 attendees, a certificate of training will be issued upon completion, and you will have quality venison to take home with you.

* This programme is open to change based on the experience and group topic preferences. The deposit is non-refundable or transferable. 




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    Saturday 10th February 2024

    Saturday 27th April 2024

    Saturday 28th September 2024

    Saturday 16th November 2024



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    This course is open to anyone.

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