The Total Deer Experience

A truly holistic experience with the UK's leading deer management professionals, and in the most friendly, relaxed and informative atmosphere

Total Deer Experience

Ever wondered what it would be like to experience deer stalking on a 1 to 1 basis with a professional guide, to humanely cull a deer in line with ethical principles in the interests of conserving woodland biodiversity, and to produce professionally packaged quality venison that you could take home for your family?  Well now you can do just that with the TOTAL DEER EXPERIENCE from Jelen PWS.

This superb opportunity allows you to totally immerse yourself in the art of deer stalking – a vital necessity in the conservation and ecological well-being of our native woodlands.  Its a unique experience where your professional guide will take you through an enjoyable, but educational day after which you will appreciate not only how your wild food is harvested, and why the process is so important to help reduce the decline in biodiversity, but also just how good wild venison is as a quality, tasty, and ethically sourced meat.

Who is it for:

The one-day course is for anyone who has ever considered deer stalking as a sport or a profession, and who would like to understand how and why a wild deer is culled, and how it can be transformed into quality venison that you can take home with you.


  • Live deer stalking
  • Equipment needed to carry out deer stalking and culling
  • Animal selection
  • Safe and humane culling
  • Carcass inspection
  • Skinning and carcass management
  • Reducing meat wastage
  • Making the best use of every part of the carcass
  • General butchery of the carcass
  • Jointing and advanced butchery skills
  • Vacuum packing of quality meat for you to take home with you



 LANTRA is one of the leading awarding bodies for land-based industries in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  Lantra is accredited by the British Standards Institution (BSI) for ISO 9001:2015 and ISMS 27001:2013 for Skills+.  It is also recognised by Ofqual, SQA, and Qualification Wales.



Course Location


Course Dates Available

 Flexible dates available to suit the delegate





No previous stalking experience is necessary


Eligibility for the course

Anyone can take this course

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“Dear Mike, Just wanted to say thank you for an awesome day on Friday.  The Total Deer Experience was a hugely enjoyable and educational experience.  Efficiency in getting on to a roe buck, time spent tracking to where it dropped, and tips on tracking were all great.  And of course the whole instruction on the gralloch, skinning and butchery was excellent and delivered clearly and with lots of patience.  Lots to remember.  Thanks again Mike, and looking forward to the next one.  Cheers, Pierre.”

Pierre D. – London

Unit 2, Chilbolton Down Farm, Stockbridge SO20 6BU

01264 811155