Large/Dangerous Animal Dispatch Training

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Large/Dangerous Animal Dispatch Training

The Large/Dangerous Animal Dispatch course has been developed by PWS to meet the needs of those who may need to provide humane dispatch to all large and/or dangerous animals ranging from dangerous dogs, to cattle and horses, to large exotic animals like Bison and Eland.

It is a requirement for all Zoos and Wildlife Parks to be in a position to deal swiftly with escaped animals. When it is not possible or too risky to use Live Capture techniques, then humane dispatch may be the only – and safest option.

However, the dispatch of such animals – especially when they are liberated and agitated must be carried out with great care if human safety and animal welfare are not to be compromised.

This approved course is especially suitable for keepers of large and/or dangerous animals, Police Tactical Firearms Officers, Zoo Keepers, Wildlife Parks, Animal Care Colleges and Wildlife Managers both in the UK and abroad. 

As with all PWS courses, the DSC2i is covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The course syllabus includes, but is not limited to the following the following:

  • Legislation in relation to large/dangerous animal dispatch

  • Risk Assessment in relation to large/dangerous Animal Dispatch

  • Firearm/Ammunition selection for large/dangerous animals

  • Escape scene management for animal keepers & Police Officers

  • Containment measures for first responders to escaped animals

  • Operational protocols to enable safe, humane and effective dispatch

  • Shot placement, reaction and follow-up procedures

  • Safety precautions when dealing with large/dangerous animals

  • Recovery procedures and carcass disposal methods

 LANTRA is one of the leading awarding bodies for land-based industries in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  Lantra is accredited by the British Standards Institution (BSI) for ISO 9001:2015 and ISMS 27001:2013 for Skills+.  It is also recognised by Ofqual, SQA, and Qualification Wales.



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Delegates must have completed the Jelen PWS Humane Animal Dispatch Course, or the Live Capture, Immobilisation & Live Animal Care course.


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