Horse Capture, Immobilisation
& Care Training

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Horse Capture, Immobilisation
& Care Training

Any animal that is liberated and outside of its normal day to day environment can become agitated, frightened and often dangerous.  Handling such animals requires specialist skills, knowledge and expertise – often requiring the use of immobilising drugs and dart projectors.

This specialised horse capture course is one of a series of species-specific courses designed to be a bolt-on to the Live Capture, Immobilisation & Animal Care course run exclusively by Jelen PWS.

Who is it for:

This course is for Vets, Vet students, Equestrian yard owners, Horse rescues and Live Capture Operators.

The course content includes the following lectures: 

  • Horse behaviour in extraordinary circumstances
  • The fundamental principles of horse capture
  • Risk assessment
  • Specialist equipment
  • Basic pharmacology of equine drugs.
  • Drug dose calculation.
  • Planning  horse immobilisation operations.
  • Post-delivery procedure.
  • Monitoring the immobilised horse.
  • Recovery and transport of the immobilised horse
  • Human and animal safety, and emergency procedures.

Practical Training/Demonstration

Practical instruction and demonstrations cover the following:

  • General horse handling after immobilisation
  • Loading and unloading
  • Care of the immobilised horse
  • Vital signs monitoring



Course Location


Course Dates Available

 Flexible Dates – 

please call for availability



All delegates must have appropriate FAC before being able to handle Dart guns and associated darts, and have completed the LANTRA Live Capture, Immobilisation & Animal Care Course.


Eligibility for the course

Anyone can take this course

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