Culling & Gralloching Training

A truly holistic experience with the UK's leading deer management professionals, and in the most friendly, relaxed and informative atmosphere

Park Culling & Gralloching

This unique course is designed to give you not only an insight into deer culling at professional level, but also to give you the opportunity for practical hands-on experience throughout the entire process from the shot, to recovery, to placing the carcass into cold storage having inspected all internal organs and lymph nodes.  We are conscious of the fact that few ‘stalkers have the opportunity to gain practical experience to this level. This is where you will benefit from the vast professional experience that Jelen PWS has, and we are committed to ensuring that you receive the best field-based training available. 

Jelen PWS have developed this opportunity for you as part of our professional skills development program, and can guarantee that you will gain the necessary practical experience that will not only help you build up your professional skill set, but also go a long way to helping you gain experience that will assist you in achieving your PDS2 or DSC2 qualification.

Who is this for?

This course is for those who wish to hone their skills, learn new skills and build confidence in the field through the whole process of carcass management under field conditions.  The course aims to show you the easy ways to carry out the safe, humane and ethical culling of wild and park deer, gralloch, inspect and prepare carcasses to professional standards so that you can go out alone to carry out precision culling and carcass management with confidence.

The course is limited to only 8 candidates to allow for group tasks and total 1:1 tuition where necessary. 

The areas of tuition are:

  • Precision culling practice in the field
  • Health & Safety Considerations
  • Carcass recovery techniques
  • Pre-gralloch inspection
  • Field and suspended gralloching of culled deer
  • Detailed examination of all internal organs and lymph glands
  • Record-keeping and cold storage of deer carcasses


for non-culling delegates

to include culling**

Course Location


2024 Course Dates Available

15th – 17th Jan – N. Yorkshire Date TBC – South Wales           27th Jan – Hampshire                  9th & 10th Nov – Hampshire



All delegates must bring their own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to include gloves, aprons and wet weather gear


Eligibility for the course

Not available to Prohibited Persons
(for reasons of gun control)


** Culling will only be allowed for those who have completed the Jelen PWS Advanced Marksmanship Course, or be able to demonstrate their shooting skills in a course shooting assessment.

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