Cattle Re-Capture & Handling

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Cattle Re-Capture & Handling

There are significant risks involved with the capture of such animals insofar as human health and safety and animal welfare are concerned. The risks are compounded when dealing with frightened or aggressive cattle.

This specialised course is a bolt-on to the  course and meets the needs of those who may be involved in the recapture, restraining and transport of cattle in a variety of scenarios. 

Who is this for?

Vets, Farmers, Live Capture Operators and any other person involved in the capture of cattle.

The course is open to those that have already completed the Live Capture, Immobilisation & Live Animal Care course.

Key Points:

  • Addresses HSE requirements
  • Intensive 1-day course
  • Valid for 3 years (annual refresher recommended)
  • Certificate and training manual included
  • Assessed by Multi-choice Questions (MCQ’s) and practical observation

Course content:

The course syllabus includes, but is not limited to the following the following:

  • Introduction to the Live Capture of Cattle and other large ungulates
  • Health & Safety with regard to Cattle Capture and Handling
  • Risk-Assessing for in-field operators
  • Developing an operational protocol to ensure safe, effective cattle capture
  • Breed-specific issues affecting operational planning
  • Drug choice for varying scenarios
  • Moving and handling the immobilised animal
  • Assessing the depth of sedation/anaesthesia
  • Transport of sedated cattle
  • Record keeping

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