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In modern-day agriculture and forestry, deer control is vital to mitigate the negative impacts on land-based enterprises and it is now crystal clear that shooting for sport and trophies fails to deliver adequate control.

There is now a need for deer control to be delivered by professionals working with your interests in mind. This is exactly what Jelen PWS does. We can help you formulate, implement and manage an effective deer control plan to improve woodland biodiversity, increase revenue generation and maximise crop yields in your forestry and agricultural enterprise.

We will review your situation and advise you on the best, and most cost-effective means of bringing wild deer back under your control. This is ideal for when you face deer damage challenges that don’t seem to be
improving, and it will result in you having a reliable support package to maximise financial income and minimise negative impacts.

Engage Jelen PWS to deliver proven strategies to which help you get the results you want, with total transparency at all levels without you parting with your deer stalking rights. We do what we do best:, which is taking the worry of managing wild deer from you, whilst leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best.

Other main areas of engagement are:

Park and Farmed Deer Consultancy


Professional Training


Live Animal Capture

How to achieve effective deer control on your estate in 7 simple steps

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