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Since 1981 Jelen Premier Wildlife Services has quietly led the way in wildlife management solutions.

Why are we different? 

  • We do not do sport or trophy hunting.
  • We believe your commercial and conservation goals must have primacy.
  • We work with leading conservationists to ensure that we deliver sustainable solutions.
  • We will work with you in true partnership.



Professional & Bespoke Training

Deer Control Packages

Consultancy (Wild, Farmed and Park Deer)

Live Animal Capture

What this means for you

It means that you can rest assured that every decision we make on your behalf will be one that helps shape your ultimate goal.  Whether you seek to eradicate deer from your woodlands, bring the deer population back into balance with the environment, control the negative impacts of wild deer or wish to generate additional income through the thoughtful use of this carbon-neutral, renewable resource, Jelen PWS will provide you the ideal control package to deliver these outcomes. 

Our unique conservation-led approach to deer control has helped bring about positive change for many landowners and deer park owners throughout the UK.  We will help you too.

How to achieve effective deer control on your estate in 7 simple steps

“Mike and the Jelen team are the industry leaders in deer training and management.

With five-star training methods, vast experience that is captivating to listen to, and in-depth training content which provide the vital underpinning knowledge for the courses they provide.”

Michael Long

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