Are All Deer Bad News?

Written by Mike Allison
on June 17, 2019

Are all deer bad news? 

At a species level, indicative research puts the deer population across England, Wales and Scotland at 2.5 million for 2019. After annual culling of around 300,000 animals, the deer population is therefore still growing at between 4-5 percent per year. This translates to a surprising 100,000 additional deer each year even after culling.

Distributed across the country, local populations of deer are feasting their way through native woodland, forestry, and agricultural crops at an alarming rate, and as a bi-product are responsible for approximately 74,000 reported DVC’s (deer vehicle collisions) which will result in the death of around 20 people this year and every year. As a highly adaptable species, deer have been quick to exploit the hybrid landscape that now exists between our towns & cities and the rural lands where they thrive. Moreover, urban deer now pose a significant risk to human health through the spread of Lyme Disease.

As beautiful as these creatures are, the rate at which they are imposing themselves on the landscape is no longer natural, balanced nor is it sustainable.

Who then, is responsible for the worsening situation in which we find ourselves? Of course – we are. Humans have transformed the natural landscape into a “manscape”. Through farming we have made more food available to deer, we have removed countless thousands of acres of habitat that support their numbers, we have created road systems that disrupt their movement. 

We, the humans, have created an environment where deer thrive with few natural threats and thrive they will! To achieve this they will munch and scrape their way through our natural world. Without intervention, we will continue to witness a decline in the essential biodiversity of our natural woodlands, unacceptable damage to crops, an ever-increasing number of road traffic accidents and an increasing spread of the potentially fatal Lyme Disease. To be clear, this is no longer a symbiotic relationship with the land. 

There is a clear and present problem, and we at Jelen PWS have a solution. That solution is called Conservation-Led Deer Control. It’s not sport, it’s not hunting for enjoyment, it’s not trophy hunting carried out by amateurs. Instead, this is a structured clinical approach to addressing the Deer Problem. 

It is driven by objective conservation needs, commercial forestry, and farming goals and an urgent need to re-balance. We will deliver conservation-grade deer culling and that means that we will re-set the numbers of deer in line with the population that your land and goals can support.

Are deer all bad news? No.

In a world that has a progressive want of better, healthier food, what more can we say about venison? It’s free-range, low fat, wild, as free of chemicals as a wild animal can be, and it’s had a wonderful and happy life.

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Mike Allison

Mike Allison

Founder and CEO

Over 40 years ago, Mike Allison Set out to raise the standards of deer control, management and husbandry in the UK.

To this day, his determination to continue this process has been unwavering.

Jelen PWS (Jelen Premier Wildlife Services) has become synonymous with the very best services in the wild, park and farmed deer sectors.

Mike’s commitment to the modern UK deer industry across all its sectors is evident through his conservation-led approach to delivering humane, ethical and sustainable deer control.

His rejection of the widespread mediocrity that typically surrounds wild deer management, and his refusal to accept unethical, inhumane and indiscriminate control techniques sets a standard within the industry.

Mike is married with 3 kids and loves them almost as much as his dog and his guitar!

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