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Conservation Grade Deer Control Packages

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Since 1981 Jelen Premier Wildlife Services has quietly led the way in wildlife management solutions. Deer populations generally are out of control in the UK, so it makes sense to NOT follow strategies and working practices that have shown to be ineffective.  In many cases, the approach needs to change if you wish to regain control of deer numbers on your farm, forest or estate.

Why are we different? 

  • We do not do sport or trophy hunting.
  • We believe your commercial and conservation goals must have primacy.
  • We work with leading conservationists and ecologists to ensure that we deliver sustainable solutions.
  • We will work with you in true partnership.


Conservation Grade Deer Control Packages

Park and Farmed Deer Solutions

Professional Training


Live Animal Capture

Conservation Grade Deer Control

Deer control that gets the job done.  

Not for sport, or for fun.  

Deer reduction to an agreed plan so you can re-claim your forestry, crops and woodland.


▪ We will review your situation and advise.

This is ideal for those wishing to reduce negative impact on agricultural crops and forestry, and increase farm and estate incomes.  Jelen PWS will provide you with a blueprint to work to and will result in you being able to regain control of deer numbers and begin reducing losses through deer damage. We will provide a written plan for your gamekeeper or stalker to follow, delivering efficient deer control and management strategies with guidance and support from us.


▪ We manage the deer on your land. We will own the project, get the results you want, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best.

Professional Training of Deer Control Operators 

Everyone needs to start somewhere.   Depending on your situation or experience, we have a course for you.

Entry Level 

▪ Pre-PDS


Development Courses 

▪ Jelen Professional Operator Standard

• A comprehensive and practical course, that we are so sure of its content, that if you pass with distinction, we would be prepared to have you on our team.

Humane Animal Dispatch

• Whether down to you or someone else, we all have a responsibility to do the right thing. Learn how to do this properly.

Live Animal Capture

• Highly specialised course unique to JPWS on the capture of domestic and captive animals using non-lethal methods such as darting.

▪ Gralloching – Possibly one of the hardest skills to master, and most definitely not something that we believe you can learn from the internet.

▪ Butchery – Make the most of the wonderful creature you have harvested.  With our expert instructors and hands on classes, you will start you journey towards excellence.

Park & Farmed Deer Solutions

Whether you have a deer park or deer farm, or you are mindful to create one.  Speak to us first.

▪ We review your situation, goals and budgets and advise on the best way forward.

▪ Whether for commercial gain or ornamental, we can design the best solution for you.  

▪ We will help you through this.   From fencing, security to stocking with the correct animals.

▪ Whether you want someone to hold your hand or run it for you, talk to us first.

▪ We understand that one day you may want to take over the running of your park or farm, and we will help you get there smoothly.

Retained advice support
▪ Once you are in the game, let us be your safety net.

Live Animal Capture

This is a specialised service that very few companies can offer.  Whether for medical reasons or re-location requirements, we have a team of highly trained operators and veterinary surgeons who will humanely and compassionately get the job done.

Areas of activity currently includes captive wild animals and escaped domestic animals.

What this means for you

Whether you are a complete beginner looking for a basic deer stalking course, searching for help to break into deer stalking for sport or a professional looking for CPD courses to widen your skill-set in deer control & husbandry, Jelen PWS can help you.

You may be seeking DSC1 in the South of England, or looking  for field-based experience in the Scottish Highlands, Jelen PWS can help you.

Whatever you decide to do, Jelen PWS will be here to help you all the way – and with our unique 100% Money Back Guarantee covering all Jelen PWS training courses, you simply can’t lose!

What started as belief and inspiration, driven by the likes of Lea McNally, Ronnie Rose and Richard Prior all those years ago, has now evolved into what is probably the UK’s most professional wildlife solution service providers.

From the outset it was a clear aim of the company to raise the bar to a level that has never been seen before in British deer history.

Grab a checklist of tips on how to improve your stalking experience

“Whatever your ultimate goal is in the deer world, you can be sure that Jelen PWS are in a position to help you. Having been in the deer business at professional level longer than almost anyone else in the UK, Jelen PWS not only possess the experience and knowledge to guide you in whatever direction you choose to go, but also have the industry contacts to help develop your career in wild, park and farmed deer management. Contact us today to find out how we can help.”

Mike Allison – Managing Director – Jelen PWS

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